Would you like to help your teenager find the ideal career pathway that suits their personality?
As Dad would you like to connect more with your son or daughter?
Do you feel that your realtionship isn’t working and they are on a whole different planet?
Then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Glenn Irvine and over the past 20 years I have worked with young people throughout Victoria career coaching them and helping young people discover who they are and the life they would like to live.
Through Coaching Young People For Success Licenced Program. As a national qualifed Life and Career Coach and Licenced CYPFS facilitator I have help hundreds of young people to go onto choosing the right subject, right work experience and right career.
As a Dad you play a vital role in your kids future and arming you with tool that can help you better coach, mentor and teach you kids will build a whole new level of trust, empathy and relationship.

My Career Coach is for Dads to offer the career coaching module fully online as a self-paced course led by a virtual coach and facilitated by you. Young people can now complete their own “Who am I? personal profile” and design their inspiring life and career pathway plan and store it all online and revisit it when ever they want.


Coach yourself for Success.

“My Career Coach” online program will help you create an inspiring plan for your life and career. The courses will help you with a goal tracker and get the support you need to be your best and live your best life !

Which Dad are you and when?

Coach Dad

Mentor Dad

Present Dad

Teacher Dad