My name is Glenn Irvine and this is me with my kids 2 years after separation. My first 12 months was tough! I struggled to leave the family home and separate from my kids. I was riddled with guilt, anxiety and worry about loosing my connection with my kids. I reached out to a fellow coach who helped me get on track fast. As a business coach for 18 years I’ve turned my coaching skills to helping Dads all around the country.  

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Stop feeling guilty and frustrated with your situation. You’ve got the opportunity to move forward and create a home where you and your kids will be happy. 

At UnstoppableDads we work together to build a strong understnading of simple but powerful strategies to be the best Dad you can be. 

If you’re ready to start being an Unstoppable Dad and connect with your kids on a whole new level, then join me on the 21-day kick start challenge. I will give you tools, insight and ideas on being the best version of you and best Dad ever. Plus you’ll become a member of the Wolf Pack, our closed facebook group where we collabrate to help each other with being awesome Dads. 

Which Dad are you and when?

Fun Dad

What sort of Dad are you? What sort of Dad would you like to be?

Mentor Dad

When do you teach?
When do you show?
When do you tell?

Present Dad

Are you truly there?
Do you really listen?

Loving Dad

When was the last time you said I love you?
What about a BIG Dad hug?